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Everything Marv does can be found right here on this page. If you need to get a hold of him or you want to see what he's doing, this is the place.

All the Work Marv does:

Marv makes plaques and clocks of local racers.


Marv does website design and maintainance.


Marv does logos, website banners / titles, facebook cover photos / profile pics, t-shirt graphic design, car wrap designs and enhanced photos.


Marv will build and paint any scale model for you for a reasonable fee.


Marv makes racing and other desktop wallpapers for free.


Marv is also is a fair photographer, these photos are free.

Marv also does a little minor computer repair installing memory, hard drives, etc. Also operating system (Windows) and other software installs.


Email Marv or message him on facebook if you would like to talk to him about any of his services.



Meet Shilo,
Marv's Official Mascot for
Missouri Race Car Drivers

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Yes, I was/am a singer.

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Racing Services

My biggest racing site.


All kinds of great looking desktops for your computer.


All the photos of cars I've taken in the pits.

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